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18th of February 2018 05:44 PM Link
Do you know all these facts about Chihuahuas?
17th of February 2018 08:18 PM Link
My friend just posted this. I thought it was hilarious so he gave me permission to share it here. His words below:

"So, this is part of a larger selfie/group picture that was taken today during a trail run, where Abbey had knocked me down "accidentally"...I zoomed in on her accident? Hardly LOL...I promise, I did not photo shop or anything...didn't even adjust the color hahaha!"
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17th of February 2018 07:21 AM Link
Happy World Cat Day
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17th of February 2018 06:07 AM Link
Sprout is god at her job
15th of February 2018 07:23 PM Link
Ugh! Another recall for euthanasia drug found in pet food.
15th of February 2018 12:37 PM Link
I love these!
14th of February 2018 06:50 PM Link
14th of February 2018 04:30 PM Link
14th of February 2018 02:23 PM Link
Many of these animals are not pets...but this shows the love between animals and people. Happy Valentine's Day!
14th of February 2018 11:03 AM Link
A little pet safety for this special occasion...
14th of February 2018 06:54 AM Link
I guess this is just the latest in a string of recalls for this company. If you feed your dog a diet from this company it is advisable to make a least temporarily, until they figure out how to produce it safely.
11th of February 2018 06:14 PM Link
And play time!
11th of February 2018 06:08 PM Link
...and then a little shower!
11th of February 2018 06:03 PM Link
After the meal, time for a little drink!
11th of February 2018 05:53 PM Link
Ron wants Nanny to refill the feeders to make it less challenging.
11th of February 2018 05:52 PM Link
They both appreciated the refill.
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11th of February 2018 05:49 PM Link
I told her there was a hummingbird outside the window and she came running to check it out...but it was gone by the time she came.
11th of February 2018 05:36 PM Link
Listen to them devouring that cucumber!
11th of February 2018 05:30 PM Link
Sweet greeters
10th of February 2018 11:43 AM Link
But the feather is more fun after all