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11th of December 2017 02:49 PM Link
Hi, Girls! Nanny missed you!
11th of December 2017 04:44 AM Link
9th of December 2017 03:15 PM Link
I can't imagine what she went through before this wonderful woman saved her. To let herself be so vulnerable - especially when she was pregnant...most cats wouldn't behave this way. It makes me sad because she had clearly been socialized to humans - and loved and trusted them. I'm glad this was who she found!
7th of December 2017 06:58 PM Link
4th of December 2017 05:39 PM Link
My mom sent this to my personal page a couple years ago...good for a repeat laugh!
3rd of December 2017 04:26 PM Link
Buddy is a true hero!
2nd of December 2017 08:00 PM Link
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30th of November 2017 05:01 PM Link
This makes me laugh every time!
30th of November 2017 05:15 AM Link
A little "thank you" from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary for the day after Giving Tuesday...
30th of November 2017 05:10 AM Link
29th of November 2017 12:12 PM Link
28th of November 2017 12:04 PM Link
Da Bird!!!?
28th of November 2017 11:34 AM Link
Cornbread and the furry boa
28th of November 2017 11:29 AM Link
And furry boa killer, too!
28th of November 2017 11:23 AM Link
Kali the Feather-Killer
28th of November 2017 11:22 AM Link
28th of November 2017 11:20 AM Link
Cornbread Ballet
28th of November 2017 11:18 AM Link
Petting Kali with the feather...
28th of November 2017 11:16 AM Link
Feather fun