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What Motivates Our Cats?

For this we have to first understand the concept of the Raw Cat. By nature, our cats are:


If you truly understand this simple concept, then you can become your own cat's whisperer 😼

Have you noticed that this wild spirit resides in your cat, too!

Play Is Prey!

95% of cat misbehaviour is due to little or no play!

Using squirt bottles or similar tactics on our cats, on a deeper level means, that we believe that we can bend our animals to our will.. It's simply not humane way to approach this cat behaviour situation.

Choose the easier (and MORE FUN) solution..

Playing with your cat is as important as taking a dog out for a walk.

To increase the bond with your cat, take away this simple idea:

"Playing is the most important thing you can do with your cat on a daily basis"

Playing with your cat:

Play for a few short sessions every day.

Allow your cat to catch and grab the toy at the end of each game.

Provide a variety of toys.

At the end of each session tidy away toys with string, or anything that might present a danger to your cat.

Never force your cat to play or be trained.

Have fun!
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I love this story...this pianist's music is the only thing that causes this blind cat to respond this way...and the pianist is a friend and rescuer of the famous Istanbul cats! Such a cool story!

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This may be a little late in the season...but it's still pretty hot outside.

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Adorable little goats!
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I didn't have tears in my eyes, but it is cute and funny.

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Coming this Thursday: #RememberTheRescue #RememberMeThursday

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