14th of August 2017 06:59 AM Link
12th of August 2017 08:59 AM Link
11th of August 2017 06:16 PM Link
It's a practice that is unnecessary and harmful to our feline friends...
10th of August 2017 03:27 PM Link
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10th of August 2017 06:19 AM Link
9th of August 2017 12:29 PM Link
Important stuff: kids need to learn how to treat others...including pets.
9th of August 2017 07:11 AM Link
9th of August 2017 07:10 AM Link
9th of August 2017 06:12 AM Link
Wow! I cannot even imagine such a scenario happening from either a pet guardian standpoint or from a former veterinary employee standpoint. I'm glad they have her back though.

8th of August 2017 12:03 PM Link
Looking to adopt a new best friend? The time is now!

8th of August 2017 06:20 AM Link
It may seem a little counter-intuitive, but it also makes sense.
7th of August 2017 11:30 AM Link
Such intensity in her eyes for low-key Chloe!
7th of August 2017 11:16 AM Link
Dueling Cat Tails...after I brushed them, they were both a little over-stimulated. You can see it in their twitching tails!
7th of August 2017 11:12 AM Link
Daisy brush-brush
7th of August 2017 10:26 AM Link
Good morning, Daisy!
7th of August 2017 09:50 AM Link
Good morning, Griffey!
6th of August 2017 09:03 PM Link
Chloe enjoyed some brush-brush time too - once Nanny found her!
6th of August 2017 08:50 PM Link
Pretty girls, Daisy and Chloe. Chloe was being introverted and hanging out in the closet, but Nanny found her.
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6th of August 2017 08:47 PM Link
Here's Daisy enjoying brush-brush time.
6th of August 2017 08:34 PM Link
See how she gets stuck?